Tony Rachwal (Keynote)

Director of Research at the UK Water Partnership

Driving Innovation in the Water Industry

Tony is an independent water innovation consultant. He is a chemist and process technologist with 40 years experience in the UK and international water industry sector.

For the majority of his career he worked for the former Thames Water Authority and the international multi-utility, RWE Thames Water, retiring as European R&D Director in 2006. He was responsible for internationally based research teams, managing intellectual property and provision of technical due diligence. He lead research, on advanced water and wastewater technology solutions for international cities and water utilities, from London to Adelaide, via Jakarta.

Tony is currently a Director of the UK Water Partnership, leading the research and innovation action group.  He is also Industrial Business Fellow (Water) at the University of Surrey’s Water Innovation Research and Learning (SWIRL) group. He was a member of NERC Science and Innovation Strategy Board 2006-12 and chair of the EPSRC Water Infrastructure Treatment and Engineering (WITE) programme 1995-2001.

He has published over 50 scientific papers and contributed to several books on water sector technology development. Tony has represented the UK on the American Waterworks Research Foundation  (AWWARF) and the EU Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (EU WsstP).

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