Stefano Giacalone

Research Engineer (MEng, AMImechE), Thames Water

Stefano graduated in mechanical engineering in 2013, and he is now in the second year of an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) with Thames Water and Imperial College London (Anglian Water, Severn Trent Water and Engineering and Physical Science Research Council are also co-sponsoring the project). His professional interests are energy and resource management, with a focus on sustainable and renewable processes and technologies. He has focused his studies in system analysis, energy technology and process engineering. Previous to the EngD project, Stefano has worked as placement student for Freixenet in Spain, where he conducted feasibility assessments on solar and biomass energy systems. Paper presentation: Fundamental research on the control and management of the anaerobic digestion process The EngD project is four years long and it aims at optimising operation and performance of large scale anaerobic digestion (AD) of sewage sludge. The project steering group is composed by industry experts as well as academics, to ensure the outputs can have a direct impact on operational practice while maintaining a rigorous scientific methodology. The specific objectives include quantifying the interactive effects of temperature, organic loading rate and primary to surplus activated sludge ratio on AD performance; determine AD stability at different process conditions and determine the impact of sludge physico-chemical properties on process efficiency.

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