Matthew Higgins (Keynote)

Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering; Claire W. Carlson Chair in Environmental Engineering, Bucknell University

Solids Management: Past, Present and Future


Dr. Matthew Higgins has taught in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Bucknell University since 1995, and is a currently a full professor. For the last 20 years, Dr. Higgins has focused much of his research on biosolids issues such as digestion, advanced digestion, conditioning and dewatering, mechanisms for production and control of odors, and the sudden increases and regrowth of indicators and pathogens in biosolids. This research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Water Environment Research Foundation, Private Industry, and Public Utilities. His research has led to numerous publications in journals and conference proceedings as well as presentations at local, regional, and national conferences. He has collaborated significantly with both industry and municipalities and has an excellent record of performing research that is timely and relevant to the wastewater industry as well as communicating that research in terms that the industry can use.

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