Dr Fernando Morgan-Sagastume

Researcher, Veolia Water Technologies AB - AnoxKaldnes

Bio-polymers as value-added by-products from wastewater and sludge treatment management

Dr. Fernando Morgan-Sagastume (Researcher, Veolia Water Technologies AB – AnoxKaldnes) has been part of the multidisciplinary R & D  group at in Lund, Sweden, that in the last decade has been developing process technologies for the production of completely biodegradable biopolymers as value-added by products of wastewater and waste residuals management services.  With and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from the University of Toronto (Canada), Fernando has 16-year experience in environmental bioprocess engineering in the fields of treatment of air, water and solid effluents, with focus on applied environmental microbial processes, waste valorisation and resource recovery. Fernando’s experience covers R&D project execution and management at laboratory and pilot scale, new technology prototype demonstrations, and collaborative research.

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