Speakers 2016

Keynote speakers

Matthew Higgins (Keynote)

Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering; Claire W. Carlson Chair in Environmental Engineering, Bucknell University

  Dr. Matthew Higgins has taught in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Bucknell University since 1995, and is a currently a full professor. For the last 20 years, Dr. Higgins has focused much of his research on biosolids issues such as digestion, advanced digestion, conditioning and dewatering, mechanisms for production and control of […]

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Tony Rachwal (Keynote)

Director of Research at the UK Water Partnership

Tony is an independent water innovation consultant. He is a chemist and process technologist with 40 years experience in the UK and international water industry sector. For the majority of his career he worked for the former Thames Water Authority and the international multi-utility, RWE Thames Water, retiring as European R&D Director in 2006. He […]

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Julian Sandino (Keynote)

Vice President, Technology Senior Fellow, Global Wastewater Service Team Leader, CH2M

As vice president, technology senior fellow, and global wastewater service team leader in CH2M, Dr. Julian Sandino has participated in over 300 sanitary infrastructure and environmental projects around the world including process evaluations and designs for a wide variety of wastewater treatment facilities as well as applied research projects. He also serves as an advisor […]

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Dr Eric Danso-Boateng

Teaching Fellow, Department of Chemical Engineering, Loughborough University

Dr. Eric Danso-Boateng is currently a Teaching Fellow at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Loughborough University, Loughborough. He previously worked as a Lecturer and later as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Kumasi Polytechnic, Ghana for 5 years. He is also a Technical Consultant for WasteRes, Sheffield and worked for OWACH Process […]

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Dr .Vitaliy Budarin

Head of the Microwave TP Group & Principle Scientist, Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence

Dr .Vitaliy Budarin graduated from Kiev State University (Ukraine) with an MSc (1983) and PhD (1988) in Chemistry.  In 1996 he was appointed to a Lectureship in Chemistry at Kiev State University and was promoted rapidly to Associate Professor in 1998. In 2002 he moved to the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (GCCE). From 2012 […]

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Bart Verrecht

Application development manager Real Time Control, Hach

Bart is Application Development Manager Real Time Control for Europe at Hach. He is a chemical engineer with a PhD from the School of Water Sciences at Cranfield University/Thames Water, focusing his research on energy optimisation of membrane bioreactors. Before joining Hach, Bart worked as a process engineer at Waterleau, a Belgian EPC company, on […]

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Albert Heindl

Head of Research and Development, HUBER SE

Albert studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Until 2008 he ran his own enterprise dealing with belt dryers for food, herbs and medicinal plants and worked at the University of Hohenheim Stuttgart in the field of drying. From 2008 until 2010, Albert dealt with biomass drying (wood, sewage sludge) by using waste […]

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Dr Fernando Morgan-Sagastume

Researcher, Veolia Water Technologies AB - AnoxKaldnes

Dr. Fernando Morgan-Sagastume (Researcher, Veolia Water Technologies AB – AnoxKaldnes) has been part of the multidisciplinary R & D  group at in Lund, Sweden, that in the last decade has been developing process technologies for the production of completely biodegradable biopolymers as value-added by products of wastewater and waste residuals management services.  With and Ph.D. […]

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David Tompkins

Bioresources Development Manager, Aqua Enviro

David is an environmental scientist with a background in digestate and compost market development, food safety, soil science and horticulture.  He works with a small team at Aqua Enviro focused on biowaste/bioresource process optimization and output valorization with materials inlcuding livestock slurry to compost, digestate and biomass ashes, whether derived from source-segregated or mixed inputs.  […]

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Andrew McLeod

Academic Fellow in Resource Recovery, Cranfield University

Andrew completed PhD at Cranfield University ‘Biogas enhancement with membranes’. He continued in a post-doctoral role at Cranfield until the present. Subsequently he has largely focussed on the application of smart inorganic chemistry to the treatment of waste and wastewater, with a particular emphasis on technologies for the removal and recovery of nitrogen and phosphorus […]

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Alison Fergusson

Principal Engineer, OFWAT

Alison is a Principal Engineer. She has been at Ofwat for 7 years and has more than 25 years’ experience in the UK water industry, having also worked in two of the large water and sewerage companies.  She is a chartered chemical engineer and a member of CIWEM.  Her work has been mostly in wastewater […]

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Dr Stephen Palmer

Senior Principal Engineer, MWH

Steve is a chartered process design engineer of 25 years design experience in wastewater and water treatment. Steve previously specialised in process technology development and now specialises in process optimisation and sustainable solution development for the water sector. He is the technical leader of MWH Process Efficiency which secures water and wastewater treatment operational efficiency […]

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Todd O. Williams, P.E., BCEE

Global Wastewater Technology Practice Deputy Leader, CH2M

Mr. Williams has a 35-year career in environmental engineering with operating and design experience and specific emphasis in residuals and biosolids management.  Mr. Williams has authored over 150 publications and presentations on residuals managment and is a contributing author for several books significant to biosolids and residuals management, composting, and odor control.  Todd is an […]

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Dr Julia Kopp

Head Engineer and expert, KBKopp

Dr Julia Kopp is an independent and by government certified expert on sewage sludge treatment work since 2001 in her own company KBKopp. She is active in the DWA having been the Chair of the DWA KEK 2.3 expert group of sewage sludge dewatering parameters & conditioning in 2004, and in 2006 the deputy  chair […]

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Niki Roach

Senior Analyst, Business Modelling Associates

Niki is a Chartered Water and Environment Manager and Chartered Environmentalist with sixteen years experience in utilities, primarily in the UK water sector.  Niki is currently working with Business Modelling Associates, based at Bradford University. Prior to setting up her own company, Niki held leadership positions within Yorkshire Water in a variety of water and […]

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Emanuele Lagrotta

Technical Engineer a Acciona Agua SA Milano

Emanuele graduated in Civil Engineering with a Specialization in Hydraulics (2011-2012) at the Polytechnic of Bari in Italy. At the end of his degree he worked as Consultant for six months at the wastewater treatment plant in Potenza (Italy). He holds a Masters in Environmental Engineering from Imperial College (2014-2015), where he developed his knowledge in water and wastewater properties […]

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Ester Rus Perez

Senior Research Scientist, Sludge and Energy Team, Wastewater Innovation, Thames Water

Ester Rus has an Environmental Science and Engineering background and is currently a Senior Research Scientist in the Sludge and Energy team of Wastewater Innovation at Thames Water. Ester leads the THP Development program in her team to optimize the operation of existing assets and assess performance of future technologies enhancing the efficiency of gas […]

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Jenny Thorne

Biosolids Planning Manager, South West Water

Jenny has been with South West Water for 15 years, having previously worked at the Centre for Water Systems at the University Of Exeter researching water systems engineering.Jenny has held a series of senior roles during her time at South West Water which have included project management for the company’s engineering capital delivery programme in […]

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Giuseppe Campo

PhD candidate of Civil and Environmental Engineering , Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Giuseppe Campo is an Environmental engineer and PhD candidate of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino, Italy. He has worked on anaerobic digestion of produced sludge in the WWTP and the agro-food industry by-products for 2 years as a researcher at department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure engineering (DIATI). His current project […]

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Vladimír Frišták

Junior researcher, Environmental Resources and Technologies, AIT

Vladimír Frišták is a junior researcher in the field of biochar development at the business unit Environmental Resources and Technologies of AIT. After a successful defence of his PhD thesis (2014) on topic of sorption interactions between potential soil amendments and heavy metals, he has joined the biochar research group at Austrian Institute of Technology […]

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Matt Taylor

Technical Manager, Aqua Enviro

Matt has been working as an environmental scientist for over ten years. He is responsible for the technical delivery of a range of key research and consultancy projects for a number of commercial clients, government departments and non-governmental organisations.  Matt also provides advice to material producers/recyclers regarding beneficial uses, regulatory compliance and alternative processing/treatment options.  […]

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Sílvia López-Palau

Research Project Manager, Cetaqua

Sílvia López-Palau has worked for more than 3 years as research project manager at Cetaqua, the research center of Suez Water Spain in Barcelona. She is mainly working in projects related to wastewater treatment and sludge management.  Sílvia graduated in Chemical Engineering in 2007 (University of Barcelona), and holds a Master in Environmental Engineering (2008) […]

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Peter Winter

Principal Research Engineer Sludge & Energy Innovation, Thames Water

Peter is a Chartered Engineer in Thames Water Innovation with 20 years’ experience in the water industry. His area of expertise is anaerobic digestion and odour abatement. He also has experience in other key disciplines such as carbon management and Health & Safety. He holds a Master of Science in Environmental Decision Making form the […]

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Charles Banks

Professor of Environmental Biotechnology, Faculty of Engineering and the Environment University of Southampton

Prof Banks is head of the Bioenergy and Biomass Resources Research Group. He has led and participated in a number of EU projects on anaerobic digestion including food waste and micro-algae. Research interests are in technology innovations for optimising biological processes used for environmental protection and sustainable development: these include municipal and industrial effluent treatment […]

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Marta Parnowska

Process Engineer, Eliquo Water & Energy

Marta Parnowska is a process engineer with 4 years experience in the UK water industry. She joined Eliquo Water & Energy to work on commissioning the Amersfoort Energy and Nutrient Factory. Marta holds a PhD in Environmental Technology from De Montfort University and MSc in Environmental Engineering from Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland (Specialisation Water […]

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Sarah Fane

PhD Researcher, Cranfield University

Sarah Fane is a PhD. postgraduate researcher in bacterial growth dynamics assessing the ‘Control of E. coli in biosolids storage’. The doctoral research is being completed in partnership with Severn Trent Water, the Natural Environment Research Council and Cranfield University. Sarah holds a Masters in Environmental Water Management from Cranfield University (2012-2013), which advanced her knowledge of […]

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