Agenda 2016

The programme is now confirmed for SludgeTech 2016*

Day 1: Monday 27th June 2016

09:00 | Registration, Tea and coffee

09:30 | Welcome

09:45 | Keynote: Professor Matthew Higgins, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Bucknell University 

Title “How do we push AD harder and ensure it remains effective and applicable in the 21st century”

10:00| Session 1: Upgrading & optimising our existing assets

  • Effect of iron dosing on the properties and anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge. Lagrotta, E. Perrault, A. and Smith, S.R. (Imperial College London, Thames Water Utilities Ltd)
  • Thermal Hydrolysis Offerings and Performance. Williams, T. Burrowes, P. Whitlock, D. and Parry, D. (CH2M)
  • Real time control for increased process stability and economic optimisation of sludge treatment processes. Verrecht, B. Ainsworth, S. Schroers, A. (Hach)

————– 11:10 | Break ————–

  • A critical review of disintegration technologies applicable to anaerobic digestion. Winter, P. (Thames Water)
  • Thermo-alkali pre treatments for the improvement of the anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge in the largest Italian WWTP. Campo, G. Ruffino, B. Zanetti, M.C. Cerutti, A. Scibilia, G. Lorenzi, E. Genon, G. (DIATI, Politecnico di Torino, Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, SMAT Societa Metropolitana Acque Torino).
  • The Ejby MØlle WWTP Future-Proofing Program: Embracing disruptive technologies to manage risk in wastewater planning. Sandino, J. (CH2M)

————– 12:30 | Lunch ————–

13:30 | Session 2:   How do we best support agriculture

  • Characterization of pyrolysis products from sewage sludge as potential phosphorous fertilizers. Frišták, V. Micháleková-Richveisová, B. Pipiška, M. and Soja, G. (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH)
  • Nutrient release resulting from cell damage may contribute to elevated E.coli levels in biosolids. Fane, S. Madureira, D. Wilson, A. Cartmell, E. Nocker, A. Tyrrel, S. (Cranfield University, Faculdade de Engenharia de Universidade do Porto, Severn Trent Water Plc)
  • What have we learned from 20 years of biosolids recycling in the UK. Taylor, M and Tompkins, D(Aqua Enviro)

————– 15:00 | Break ————–

15:15 | Session 3:   Combining energy and nutrient recovery

  • Impact of phosphate on sludge dewatering and improvement by thermal hydrolysis with Cambi-Solidstream. Kopp, J.B. Nielsen, J.P. Kjorlaug, O. Kruchen, H. (KBKopp, Cambi-Group)
  • The effects of soluble P on bioflocs and dewatering. Higgins, M. (Bucknell University)
  • The effect of soluble P and EPS on dewatering performance. Fountain. P. Rus, E. (Thames Water)

————– 16:15 | Break ————–

  • Recovery of ammonia (NH3) from digestate as crystals using membranes. McLeod, A. McAdam, E. (Cranfield University)
  • Ammonia removal in anaerobic digestion by biogas stripping. Banks, C. (University of Southampton)

17:15  | Free time

18:00 | Transport

18:45 | Networking Drinks & Dinner at The Mandolay Hotel


Day 2: Tuesday 28th June 2016

  09:00 | Tea/coffee

09:00 | Keynote: Tony Rachwal, Director of Research at the UK Water Partnership

Provisional title “Driving Innovation in the Water Industry”

09:20 | Parallel Session 4a: The influence of policy

  • Creating a competitive sludge market in England and Wales- consultation results. Fergusson, A. (OFWAT)
  • Leveraging the value of sludge for sustainable minimum TOTEX: winners and losers in a sludge market. Palmer, S. (MWH)
  • Using advanced analytics to prepare for sludge markets. Roach, N. Thorne, J. and Mauelshagen, C. (Business Modelling Associates, South West Water)

09:20 | Parallel Session 4B: International experience of upgrading & optimising existing assets

  • Optimising Thermal Hydrolysis:  Intermediate THP. Rus, E. (Thames Water)
  • WWTP Amersfoort (NL): conversion into an energy and nutrient factory. Geraats, B. and Parnowska, M. (Eliquo Water-Energy, UK & Netherlands)
  • Nutrient and energy recovery from wastewater treatment. Lopez-Palau, S. Sancho, I. de Arespacochaga, N. Bouchy, L. Verstraete, W. (Cetaqua Water Technology Center, Aqualogy UK, LabMET Ghent University)
  • Optimising the performance and stability of conventional mesophilic anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge. Giacalone, S. (Imperial College, Thames Water, Severn Trent Water & Anglian Water)

————– 11:00 | Break ————–

11:15 | Session 5: Developments in material recovery

  • Bio-polymers as value-added by-products from wastewater and sludge treatment management. Morgan-Sagastume, F. Arcos-Hernandez, M. Alexandersson, T. Bengtsson, S. Hjort, M. Johansson, P. Karabegovic, L. KArlsson, A. Magnusson, P. Werker, A. Veolia Water Technologies (Anoxkaldnes)
  • What is the state of the art in material recovery? Barber, B. (AECOM)
  • From microwaves to starbons: green methods for added recovery. Budarin, V. (Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, University of York)

————– 12:30 | Lunch ————–

13:25 | Session 6: Advanced thermal conversion

  • Advanced thermal treatment- the basics and the current state of the art. Thorpe, R. (University of Surrey)
  • Low temperature drying: key step for advanced thermal conversion. Arauzo. I. (STC)
  • Decentralised thermal conversion: EloDry-Pro® Geraats, B. and Parnowska, M. (Eliquo Water-Energy UK & Netherlands)
  • Gasification of sewage sludge – influencing factors and pilot plants in Germany. Heindl, A. (Huber SE)
  • Hydrothermal carbonisation of sewage sludge for hydrochar production. Danso-Boateng, E. Holdich, R.G. Shama, G. (Loughborough University)

————– 14:55 | Break ————–

15:30 | Panel Session: Chaired by Dr Julian Sandino, Vice President CH2M

Provisional title: “Why innovation is essential to moving the industry forward”

17:00 | Closing  


Day 3: Wednesday 29th June 2016

09:00 |  Coach leaves from University to travel to Reading WWTW 

10:30 | Arrive at Reading site, Induction & safety briefing. First tour and Showcase@sludgetech session

12:45 | Buffet Lunch

13:45 | Secound tour and second round of Showcase@sludgetech

15:45 | Wrap up

16:00 | Coach returns to University of Surrey. 

*Programme subject to change